If you are looking for the perfect silver necklace to add to your office jewellery collection, then consider what you normally wear to work.

If you are wearing blouses or tops you should aim for a necklace that begins above the neckline so as not to get your jewellery tangled in your buttons, or make that area appear to busy. Short pendants, as well as larger, wider pieces can work well above the neckline.

The size of your bust is also a consideration. If you have a smaller bust you can get away with delicate pieces above the neckline, as well as medium length necklaces that sit on the bust. Avoid longer necklaces which will serve to make you look longer and more streamlined.

The best lengths for you are going to be a choker, a princess length or a collar necklace. You may be able to get away with a delicate matinee length necklace.

This is however a good look for people who are bustier. A long chain that ends below the bust or even at the navel is a great statement piece that detracts from a larger bust. By ending at a narrow point on you it will make you look slimmer and taller. These necklaces can be quite hard to get right, so try measuring a few chains to find the best length for you.

These are referred to as opera length or rope length.

You can find out more about the different styles and lengths of necklace on the Craftsy website

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