If you are aware of Toko Jewellery’s gold vermeil jewellery then you should be interested to hear about the mixed metal trend.

The latest Augment collection demonstrates how well silver, fold and rose gold goes together. They work together to make previously classic looks take on a modern twist. 

Mixed metals are proving popular for women’s jewellery as it means the fashion rules about metals have been broken. If you were told not to wear gold with silver, then rest assured that that rule no longer stands.

This break away from classic fashion rules means that single items can be worn with a number of different clothes and outfits. The flexibility you now have means you can invest in a couple statement pieces safe in the knowledge that the cost per wear will be low in the long term.

Follow these tips on the Martha Jackson fashion blog to get some pointers. She advises investing in a ready mixed statement piece and then using this to tie together other metal jewellery pieces.

They are also proving popular for wedding rings and keepsakes.

Wedding rings with mixed metals go well with most engagement rings: if you were desperate for a platinum engagement ring but don’t like pure platinum wedding rings, look for a white and yellow gold ring to bring the two together.

There are also a number of masculine looking wedding ring options with rose or yellow gold set in a thin band into a wider silver coloured band. This look also works the other way around. 

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