If you're something of an accessory junky, you need to make sure your jewellery is shown off to the full rather than hidden away in a jewellery box, sat there just waiting to be admired. Put your gold vermeil jewellery out on show instead - here are eight fabulous ways to do just that. Which of these is your favourite?


For the bookworms

If you love books and jewellery in equal measure, why don't you combine your two passions and stick open vintage books on your wall in a beautiful arrangement, then add your necklaces and earrings to the pages so everyone can see your accessories and you get amazing wall art into the bargain.


Vintage frames

We love the way people are repurposing so many different products at the moment and you can easily make your own jewellery stand just by using a bit of cork and an old vintage frame. Head to your local charity shop to see if you can find a beautiful ornate one, remove the glass and picture if there is one and replace it with a sheet of cork. Then use pretty pins to hang your jeweller up.



Another easy DIY and a great excuse to head to the beach for a day out with the family. Seek out four or five pieces of similar sized driftwood, nail them together to create a stand and hey presto! You've got somewhere to put all your gold vermeil bracelets and bangles. Winning!


Teacup stand

If you love the shabby chic look, this is the project for you. Seek out some old teacups and saucers (matching or otherwise) and use superglue to glue them together in a tower. Then simply drape all your accessories over them and fill the teacups with your rings. Easy!


Old drawers

If you have an old dresser you're planning to chuck, make sure you save the drawers. Paint them up, add some funky knobs to hang your necklaces off, then stick to the wall to create extra storage. We love this idea - super simple, super effective.



Another excuse to go walking on the beach! Start a lovely pebble collection and then when you have enough, glue them to one of your bedroom walls so you have somewhere lovely to hang your necklaces.


Cheese grater

If earrings are more your bag than necklaces or bracelets and you've run out of space in your jewellery box, head to the kitchen and grab the cheese grater. Paint it in a funky shade and add some felt to the bottom so it doesn't scratch your dressing table, then hang your earrings up in the holes. Love it!


Old bottles

Another way to reduce, reuse and recycle using products you'll have at home. Seek out old beer bottles, take the labels off then place them on your dressing table to drop all your bracelets and bangles onto. You'll end up with a cool tower of accessories, with the bottle necks peeking out of the top.

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