Whether you’re looking for freshwater pearl earrings or a pretty pearl necklace for your bridesmaid, it’s worth learning how to choose this beautiful stone before you go shopping.


Different types of pearl


  •          Freshwater pearls

These are found in freshwater mussels and come in different shades, including white, black, purple, peach and pink.

  •          Akoya pearls

These are cream or white and have a lovely shine to them.

  •          Tahitian pearls

Grown in a black-lipped oyster, these have a natural black colour, although they may have a bluish, metallic silver, or purplish tint. 

  •          South Sea pearls

Unsurprisingly, these saltwater pearls are found in the South Seas around Australia and Asia. They are typically larger than other styles – often between 10mm and 20mm in size – and are usually silver or gold.




As you can see, there is a huge variety of colours when it comes to pearls and they’re not all the typical white or cream you might have initially thought. Some may be black or pink, while most vary in shade between gold, silver and white.


When picking a string of pearls or choosing bridesmaids’ jewellery, simply make sure they match each other in shade.




Not all pearls are perfectly round. In fact, you could opt for oval, teardrop or semi-baroque pearls – which have an irregular shape – instead. While pearls that are not spherical might not be considered as high quality as symmetrically round ones, they can still be incredibly beautiful.




The size of pearl you choose will most likely depend on your personal taste and budget. Traditionally, larger pearls are reserved for more mature women, as girls have to wait to earn the right to wear them, which is why small pearl bracelets are ideal gifts for flower girls or bridesmaids.


Pearls vary greatly in size, and can be found from as small as 3mm to as large as 13mm. If you choose a string of pearls, you might want many little stones, while a singular large pearl would suit statement earrings best.


Take a look at the pearl jewellery we have on our website to find something you’ll treasure.

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