If you’ve been looking at our cubic zircona jewellery and are wondering just what the gemstone actually is, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it looks rather like a diamond.

 In fact, cubic zirconia is a diamond substitute, also referred to as CZ, that has been made in a laboratory and is typically heavier than a diamond of the same size would be. It can be cut in much the same way as a diamond would be so you can find it in all sorts of popular shapes.

 What you might notice is that the colour is different to that of a diamond. While a white CZ is colourless, you can find some pieces that produce more colour than a diamond would do so if you’re looking for something with a serious bit of pizazz this would be a great choice.

 Many people opt for CZ jewellery as suitable alternatives to diamonds for engagement rings because they’re much more affordable and quite durable, so they’re resistant to scratches – although, of course, not as resistant as a diamond would be.

 When it comes to cleaning your jewellery and accessories, make sure that you use a soft brush so that you avoid scratching the stones and you should also try to store your new jewellery away from other pieces and other stones to help prevent scratches.

 Have a look at some of the beautiful pieces that we have in stock on our website. We’re sure you’ll find something that you love and can’t wait to wear time and time again.

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