Getting married is tricky business – there’s so much to think about and sort out. You may not even have had time to think about what kind of bridesmaids’ earrings you’re going to get. And if that’s the case, here’s our handy guide to ensure you pick the right ones that all your friends will love.

Before you decide on jewellery, make sure you know what colour dresses you’re going for and the individual styles for each one. It’s a big trend these days for colour to be the unifying element for bridesmaid dresses and then the different girls choose a style that’s unique to them – which can make picking out the right accessories quite tricky!

If they’ve gone for a V neckline on their dress, a longer pendant necklace might be a good idea, while for something with a strapless neckline a multi-strand necklace that’s on the chunkier side will help balance the look out.

For halter necklines, think about statement drop earrings that would go wonderfully with an updo, although for a sweetheart neckline opt for a necklace that reflects the line of the dress. Pair with some simple stud earrings.

Jewel necklines are especially elegant so if you’ve gone for this option, complement it perfectly with a huge twisted necklace to really make a statement with your bridesmaid dress. And if your bridesmaid has chosen a one-shoulder neckline, make sure you buy her some chandelier earrings to perfect the look and perhaps avoid getting a necklace, since the neckline will be making enough of a statement on its own.

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