If you’re looking for a present (either for yourself or some other lucky person) and are mulling over some amethyst jewellery, first of all, good choice. Secondly, you might want to get to know this particular gemstone a little bit better so you can wax lyrical about it to whoever you’re giving the gift to.

 You could tell them, for example, that this beautiful purple stone was traditionally worn to guard people against inebriation. In fact, ‘amethyst’ actually comes from the Greek to mean ‘without drunkenness’!

 It has other interesting qualities, however, and if you’ve got a friend who has trouble sleeping it would make a brilliant gift. It’s thought that by placing a piece of amethyst beneath your pillow at night time you’ll help promote a good night’s sleep and bring you lots of sweet dreams.

 Aside from that, amethyst necklaces, rings and bracelets are often worn to promote a greater sense of spirituality and can be used to aid meditation. The ancient Egyptians used it to protect themselves against guilty feelings as well as witchcraft, apparently!

 It’s also thought that amethyst can promote a sense of happiness and peacefulness, while bringing inner strength so if you’re going through a bit of emotional turmoil at the moment, why not start wearing some amethyst bangles or earrings to see if that makes a difference?

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